Welcome to the Shepherd Wellness Community…

The Shepherd Wellness Community is the only HIV/AIDS community in western Pennsylvania. Since our founding in 1987  we have witnessed remarkable changes in the treatment of HIV and in the needs of our community.

Our founder, Fr. Lynn Edwards, said that in the 1980s our work focused on helping people die with dignity. In the 1990s, after protease inhibitor drugs became available, our mission was helping HIV-positive people live with dignity. Since 2013, our mission has been helping people living with HIV improve their wellness.

Despite the advances in medical treatment, the need for a supportive community to assist people living with HIV is greater than ever.

We are grateful to everyone through the years who has made the work of Shepherd Wellness Community possible. With your continued help, we will continue to provide a supportive, caring community with meals and wellness programs for people living with HIV.