Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities at Shepherd Wellness Community

  • Monday/Wednesday Wellness Dinners at our Center in BloomfieldVolunteers arrive at 5:00 p.m. and help prepare and serve dinner then clean up afterwards.  Volunteers are usually done by 7 p.m.
  • Friday Wellness Dinners at our Center in BloomfieldVolunteers arrive at 6:00 p.m. and help prepare and serve dinner then clean up afterwards.  Volunteers are usually done by 8 p.m.
  • OUTrageous Bingo fundraisers (August through May) held at Rodef Shalom 4905 Fifth Ave.
  • SWC committees or Board of Directors
  • Short-term work groups or committees (such as our Annual Theatre Benefit Committee)
  • Special work events (such as assembling a mailing)

How You Can Be Involved
Call or email our Volunteer Coordinator during office hours to discuss volunteer opportunities. Find out how we can use your time and skills as a SWC volunteer.

Volunteer Qualifications

  • Agree to follow confidentiality guidelines
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Willingness to follow instructions and work cooperatively as a team member
  • Ability to work with a diverse group of volunteers and staff
  • Fill out our Volunteer Information Form upon arrival for your volunteer shift and provide your contact information
  • Agree to follow SWC policies (regarding food safety, alcohol, dress code, and the treatment of others)
  • All volunteers must be FULLY VACCINATED for COVID-19. Record of vaccination must be shown upon entrance into our building. All volunteers will be required to fill out a health checklist and sign a COVID-19 waiver of liability.  At this time, masks will be required. How long these guidelines remain in place is subject to review based on changing conditions.

In order to maintain a safe and clean environment in our food service program and to meet Health Department standards, the following dress code has been established for food service staff and volunteers:

  • Closed-toe shoes must be worn (i.e. sneakers, tennis shoes, etc.). Flip flops, open toed shoes, high heels and sandals are not allowed.
  • Shirts must have sleeves and cover the entire torso. No sleeveless shirts, short tops, tank tops, camis, scoop or V-necks or thin straps. A t-shirt that you wouldn’t mind getting a stain on is ideal.
  • Shorts are allowed as long as they are at or below the knee. No short shorts please.
  • Clean, well groomed hair, hands and fingernails are required. Long hair must be pulled back by a clip or band. Facial hair should be neat and well-trimmed. Longer hair that cannot be pulled back must be covered with a disposable hair net. Hats, such as ball caps are acceptable to contain hair. Facial hair over 1” long must be covered with a disposable beard net.
  • Excessive jewelry, colognes or perfume are not permitted. A ring or a watch may be worn, but dangling earrings or long necklaces must be removed.
  • The use of gloves is required when handling food and the use of aprons is required.

Why Volunteer?

  • You will work with organized, trained and caring professionals.
  • You will work in a clean and safe area.
  • You will enjoy hands-on work and meet other like-minded volunteers.
  • You will see how your skills make a difference in the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS.
  • You will feel great about yourself because you can make a positive contribution to your community.

What Motivates Our Volunteers?

  • Personal satisfaction from meaningful work which contributes directly to your community
  • Meeting a new and diverse group of people
  • Making new friends
  • Educational and interesting volunteer experience