As the needs of our members have changed, Shepherd Wellness Community has responded by offering new programs and services. See our calendar of upcoming dinners, programs and events by clicking here.

Shepherd Wellness Community Programs:

  • Wellness Dinners improve nutrition and provide emotional support. Read more
  • Social Events and Outings combat isolation and loneliness. Read more
  • Wellness Education Programs provide information about HIV/AIDS treatment and the latest medical advances. Read more
  • Support Groups boost mental and physical health and guide members through the challenges of living with HIV/AIDS. Read more
    • Support Group for HIV Positive People
    • Short-term Special Topic Support Groups
  • Spiritual Life Programs offer insight, encouragement, inspiration, direction and guidance, and are presented in an interfaith format. Read more
  • Fitness and Alternative Therapy Programs. A variety of fitness and alternative therapy programs help promote physical and emotional well-being and also relieve fatigue and stress. Read more
  • Transportation Assistance to SWC programs (mileage reimbursement and bus tickets). Read more
  • Peer Counseling Telephone Calls connect members with HIV/AIDS services and offer a lifeline of help and hope. Read more