Peer Counseling Telephone Calls

SWC is the only service provider to regularly call our members. This proactive approach enables SWC to consistently maintain contact, share our schedule of programs, update information, informally assess needs, connect people to care and offer our members assistance to help them live long term with HIV/AIDS.

SWC members experience personal and confidential support through telephone contact with our caring peer counselors. Members may want to talk about their illness, share their problems or just chat with someone who understands what it is like to live with HIV/AIDS.

Through our calls our members also receive information about services to meet their needs (physical, financial, social, mental health, medical, etc.)

Our rural and urban members have reported that these calls are helpful and meaningful. Sometimes our HIV positive members living in an urban or rural setting do not want others to know that they are living with HIV/AIDS. This can deprive them of a supportive social network. Calls from a caring peer who is also living with HIV provide help, hope and support to members who feel isolated or lonely. Available for our HIV Positive members who have certified for Ryan White eligibility.