Board of Directors

Our volunteer Board of Directors is a professionally and culturally diverse group dedicated to the success of Shepherd Wellness Community. The board is responsible for financial oversight, setting goals, policy development and fundraising. Board members meet six times a year to review programs and make policy decisions; they also dedicate additional time to chair or attend committee meetings.

Board Members

Byron Allen, secretary

Rev. Howard Cherry

Robert Fierst

Rev. Michael Foley

Linda Frank

Bill Friedlander

Dr. Ken Ho

Brandon Howard

Emerald Huggins

Jerry Johnson, vice president

Ed Motznik, president

Kevin Seybold

Allana Sleeth

Michael Stone

Tyler Traister

Christine Zubrow

Advisory Board

Cyndee Klemanski

Bruce Krause

Matthew Krause

Beverly Pollock

Marty Seltman

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